Certified Equine Guided Educator   |  CEGE  |    est.1987   |

  •            The Equine Guided Educator creates a supportive environment for clients to learn about themselves and develop skills relevant to the life they say they are committed to creating.  The horse "guides" the exploration of the client's inner world and how it relates to their external ambitions or stuck places.  The human facilitator translates  into words the horse's kinesthetic insights and feedback about the client's mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social well-being.  The Equine Guided Educator  encourages the client towards a healthy self-image and supports the exploration of new practices for achieving personal or professional goals.

Horses healing humans is beneficial for:

-Humans              -Families                  -Teens

-Couples               -Special Needs         -Students

-Doctors                -Healers                   -Athletes

-Nurses                 -Naturalists             -Teachers

-Military               -Therapists              -Coaches

-Veterans              -Dispatch                 -Parents

         -First Responders             -Professionals

         -Youth Groups                 -Corporations

         -Support Groups              -Teamwork



Ideal for those who experience:

         -PTSD/PTS            -Societal Pressures  

        -Depression          -Life Pressures 

        -Trauma               -Suicidal thoughts

        -Anxiety                -Stressful Jobs

        -Anger                   -Addiction

Helps with those who are:

-Seeking mindfulness to a calmer being

-Seeking connection towards better relationships

-Improving communication skills

-Seeking grounding in connection with nature

-Seeking work/life balance, or home/life balance

-Improving teamwork or leadership skills

-Improving parent/child  communication & relationship

Equine Guided Insight

  Equine Guided Education sessions provide insight to your instincts, inner true nature, and sensate being through the eye of the horse, simply by getting curious about the horse and human connection. 

Energy Speaks! Come hear the horses story and share yours with them.

Sessions are custom to your needs.



Mindful Relationships

Mindful Relationships provides the space and interaction with equine insight to being more mindful of your true sensate self, so that your inner calmness and instincts are present in relationships, achieving a life and home balance, with strength in connection.  Includes grounding and a meditation walk within the horse's magical energy.    

Somatic Horsemanship

Somatic Horsemanship lessons starts your horse and human relationship using a patient, mindful and somatic method to manifest the ancient connection between horse and human.  

During these lessons, you will be doing mostly groundwork, learning the non verbal language of the horse.

Group Experiences

I am blessed with having done work as a Certified Equine Guided Educator on the equine days for Save-A-Warrior, working with veterans and first-responders in healing.

Group experiences are beneficial for youth groups, support groups, corporate teamwork development, improving customer/group communication skills, life transitions, and refining goals and ambitions. 

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