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Horses healing humans is beneficial for:

-Humans              -Families                  -Teens

-Couples               -Special Needs         -Students

-Doctors                -Healers                   -Athletes

-Nurses                 -Naturalists             -Teachers

-Military               -Therapists              -Coaches

-Veterans              -Dispatch                 -Parents

         -First Responders             -Professionals

         -Youth Groups                 -Corporations

         -Support Groups              -Teamwork



Beneficial for those who experience:

         -PTSD/PTS            -Societal Pressures  

        -Depression          -Life Pressures 

        -Trauma               -Suicidal thoughts

        -Anxiety                -Stressful Jobs

        -Anger                   -Addiction

Helps with those who are:

-Seeking mindfulness to a calmer being

-Seeking connection towards better relationships

-Improving communication skills

-Seeking grounding in connection with nature

-Seeking work/life balance, or home/life balance

-Improving teamwork or leadership skills

-Improving parent/child  communication & relationship

"Being in harmony with horses revives the spirit, releases spent emotions, and guides us towards forward movement in balance with our authentic greater good.  By re-connecting people to land, animals and nature, we shift the paradigm, to rediscover what has heart and meaning, forgive what has been broken, finding hope in times of uncertainty, and walking a centered path of integrity and strength."  Ariana Strozzi-Mazucchi

A look and feel into Four Winds

A look and feel into Four Winds

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