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Client Gratitudes

Terry - Save-A-Warrior participant       April 13, 2018

"Hi Shanna. The equine therapy has transformed my relationships.  My wife has said that she feels closer to me since SAW equine day more than she probably ever has!  Thanks so much!"

Paul, Save-A-Warrior participant.    Sept 29, 2018

"Shanna, Thank you for all you do!  The impact you have had on my recovery and my mental sanity you will never know.  You have helped my future generation and giving my beautiful Son his Dad back.  Learning boundaries and being ok standing still and getting honest had impacted my life.  The Lord worked in and through you, the beautiful female heart, and God's country and I am eternally grateful."

Adam, Save-A-Warrior participant.      Sept 30, 2018

" Shanna, Thank you for who you are!  I am grateful just to know you.  I have only experienced a small portion of the power that these horse possess.  I am grateful for what I have experienced and seen.  thank you for staying with me through my very emotional experience and for listening." 

Stephanie, Client's Mom.         Nov 20, 2018

"Shanna and her horses and gifted, fully present, intentional, and create spaces for reallearning, healing, and transformation.  We are thrilled to have this resourse for our family and Son.  Shanna's ability to communicate, build trust, and help connect with the horses is like nothing I've ever experienced (in my years of education and therapy!)."

Bianca, Sweet Dreams LA         Dec 17, 2018

"The newest self care activity that has truly been therapy for my soul, has been through the awesome Four Winds Equine Guided Experiences.  Shanna leads mindful time on a beautiful ranch, leading me to moire calmness, balance, and reawakening!!!"

Client's parents             Dec 17, 2018

"This resource has been incredible for my Son and family.  My Son has a lot of past trauma, and is in an ED classroom doing pretty well (ups and down).  Shanna is gifted, grounded, and really present for my Son.  He loves to talk about the horses, and can talk about things that feel too big in another setting.  And the horses....beyond amazing.  I'm going to need to invite them to all my IEP meetings, that's all I have to say.  the rates are really reasonable and they are in Azusa, California.  If i could take my Son everyday I would!"

Brad, Save-A-Warrior board member.       Jan 23 2019

"I can say with all authority that Shanna is the real deal.  A heartfelt and powerful coach who has the amazing ability to touch you at the deepest places to support your healing and open you up tp new possibilities."


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