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Equine Guided


offered by Shanna Urrutia, CEGE, EIEP,  CEIP-ED. Experiences are held on a working ranch tucked into the hills near Los Angeles, California.

Equine Guided Insight

  Equine Guided sessions provide insight to your instincts, inner true nature,

and sensate being through

the eye of the horse, by

getting curious about

the horse and human connection. 

Energy Speaks! Come hear

the horse's story and share yours with them.

Sessions are custom to

your seekings.




Mindful Equine Guided Experience

Mindful Equine Guided Experiences provide 

the safe space for sensing more mindfulness from your true inner self.  The

slow down in horse-time 

helps your inner instincts come to play. This experience strengthens 

relationships, achieving a

life and home balance, with awareness in connection.  Includes grounding and a meditation walk within the horse's magical energy.    

Somatic Horsemanship

Somatic Horsemanship

lessons starts your horse and human relationship using a patient, mindful and a

somatic method to honor the ancient connection between

horse and human.  

During these lessons, you will be taught groundwork,

some of the non-verbal language of the horse, 

safety in handling horses,

and the basic steps for

caring for horses.

You will gain early 

horsemanship skills. 

This class is great for

the young and the old

who want to begin learning about horses.

Group Experiences

I am blessed with having done work as a Certified

Equine Guided Educator 

on the equine days for

Save-A-Warrior, working

with veterans and first-responders in healing.

Group experiences are

beneficial for youth groups, support groups, corporate teamwork development, improving customer/group communication skills, life transitions, and refining goals and ambitions. 

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